Behavior Plan

At Father Andrew White School, our staff and students are committed to making our school environment a place of following God, being respectful and kind, and being willing and ready to learn each day.  Thank you for your support in creating a positive learning environment for your child and for everyone in our FAW family.


Level 1 Behaviors

These behaviors should be addressed in the classroom by the teacher using effective consequences to stop the behavior. Carding system is used in grades K-5 and Infractions in grades 6-8. Level 1 Behavior forms are completed for grades K- 5. Middle School students will bring home an infraction slip to be signed and returned.

A.  Disruptive behavior in the classroom

▪  refusing to follow directions

▪  excessive talking in class

▪  making inappropriate noises which disrupt the learning environment

▪  failure to follow classroom rules

▪  disruptive behavior meant to impede instruction or transitions

B. Disrespect toward anyone in the building (cursing, name calling, threatening, talking back)

▪  arguing/talking back to teacher

▪  using inappropriate language (mean, disrespectful language)

▪  using disrespectful or rebellious language or behavior

▪  putting others down, language meant to be hurtful to others

C. Running in school building or failure to move quietly through hallways

D. Dress code violation (including lack of P.E. uniform)

E. Chronic failure to complete homework and/or class work

F. Unsafe/rough play

G. Unprepared for class

H. Chewing gum or any other candy; unauthorized eating/drinking in the classroom

*Three Level 1 behavior referrals will result in Level 2 consequences.


Level 2 Behaviors

These behaviors are addressed by the principal with support from the school director. A level 2 behavior form is filled out for grades K-8.

A. Continuous Level 1 behaviors after interventions have been made

B. Failure to comply with FAW/ADW technology rules (proper treatment of Chromebooks, laptops, etc.)

▪  Inappropriate use of technology

▪  Using device for non-educational purpose or without permission

   C.  Deliberate defiance and refusing to follow school rules

   D. Intimidation/Bullying (including cyber-bullying)

   E. Cursing

▪  continued use of inappropriate language

▪  argumentative, aggressive, or rebellious language or behavior towards teacher

    F. Inappropriate displays of affection

    G. Cheating to include plagiarism, copying class work or homework, or allowing another student to copy one’s work

    H. Throwing objects across the classroom

    I. Possession/use of a cell phone during school hours

    J. Disruptive behavior at Mass

    K. Intentionally physically hurting others

    L. Inappropriate drawings/messages

Three Level 2 behaviors will result in Level 3 consequences.


Level 3 Behaviors

These behaviors are addressed by principal with support from the school director. A level 3 behavior form is filled out for grades K-8.

   A. Continuous Level 2 behaviors after interventions have been made

   B. Abusive/extremely inappropriate language

   C. Fighting (both initiating contact and defensive actions) /hitting/punching/kicking/spitting/other inappropriate touch

   D. Insubordination (complete refusal to follow school rules/instructions)

   E. Student threats (against themselves or others) to include social media

   F. Significant disruption

  G. Extreme harassment/extreme bullying of others

   H. Deliberate damage to school property or the property of others

   I. Theft

Students who exhibit these behaviors are sent immediately to principal with behavior report in hand.