Classroom Photos


Pre-K Fun


Kindergarten Art & Music


Kindergarten Fun


Kindergarten Hosts Mass


Grade 1 Fun


Grade 1 Flag Presentation

Grade 2 Fun

Grade 2 Charlotte’s Web Celebration

Grade 2 Gingerbread Houses
Grade 2 Skype with Friends

Grade 3 Fun

Grade 3 Learning 27 Books of the New Testament

Grade 3 Walking Field Trip to Big Larry’s & Post Office
Grade 3 K-9 Presentation

Grade 3 All Saints Day Mass & Wax Museum  

Grade 4 Fun


Grade 4 Hosts Ash Wednesday Mass


Grade 5 Fun


Grade 5 Author Skype


Grade 6 Fun


Grade 6 Gingerbread Houses


Grade 7 Fun


Grade 8 Fun


Middle School Electives



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