“Give Thanks to the Lord, for He is Good” (Ps. 107:1)

The Father Andrew White School community is very grateful for all the contributions that were sent in response to our first Annual Giving Campaign. through your kindness we were able to put a security fence around the school playground area, install a new set of doors at our front entrance, purchase materials for our middle school Spanish program and put the remaining money aside as part of a fund to replace our roof.

We appreciate the support of everyone who sacrificed so that Father Andrew White can continue as a shining example of Catholic education. Thank you!

Our 2009-2010 total was $28, 160.75.

Our Contributors:

First Name Last Name Suffix Category
Beverly Kerig   Blue & White
Diane Delahay   Blue & White
James & Patricia C Goin   Blue & White
Christa M Hayes   Blue & White
Clarke McKinney   Blue & White
Katelyn Russell   Blue & White
Donor Unknown    
Mary I Young   Blue & White
Mary Ruth Bowles   Blue & White
Michael & Becky Edwards   Blue & White
Mary Hellen Farrell   Blue & White
John & Virginia Mattingly Freeman   Blue & White
James Graves   Blue & White
Donald Hayes & Marcia Little     Blue & White
James S Higgs Jr. Blue & White
Mike & Millie Huseman   Blue & White
Kenneth Konior   Blue & White
Phyllis Lange   Blue & White
Joan Marsh   Blue & White
Michael Mattingly   Blue & White
Charlene Quade   Blue & White
William Rogers   Blue & White
Andrew Samborski   Blue & White
Aurora Shorback   Blue & White
Roger Splain   Blue & White
Lucille Svihla   Blue & White
Bea Mattingly Tatlow   Blue & White
Evelyn Vanhousen   Blue & White
Howard & Susan Wentworth   Blue & White
Carlos Bravo Sr. Blue & White
Raymond & Carol Trgina   Blue & White
Edwin Johnson III Blue & White
Agnes G Morgan   Blue & White
Frank Scheder   Blue & White
Thomas Trossbach   Blue & White
David Abell   Blue & White
Sanford Brooks Jr. Blue & White
Miriam Burcham   Blue & White
Joseph J Combs   Blue & White
Elizabeth Edwards   Blue & White
John W Frech   Blue & White
Tim & Debbie Gravely   Blue & White
Janice Hayden   Blue & White
Mabel C Hayden   Blue & White
Henry Jackson   Blue & White
Chris Jarrett   Blue & White
Paul Ludwig   Blue & White
John Norris   Blue & White
Loretta Norris   Blue & White
Robert Payne   Blue & White
Frederick Prickett   Blue & White
Ursula Robitaille   Blue & White
Howard & Frances Rorke   Blue & White
Raymond Shanahan Jr. Blue & White
William X Smith   Blue & White
James F Spalding   Blue & White
LeRoy Thompson Jr. Blue & White
Thelma Varhach   Blue & White
Catherine Marie Watts   Blue & White
Gary Abt   Blue & White
Robert Wigginton   Blue & White
Harry (Henry F) Mason   Blue & White
Elizabeth Armitage   Friends FAW
Norm Armitage   Friends FAW
Andrew Bell   Friends FAW
Dorothy Bell   Friends FAW
James Berned   Friends FAW
Thomas Botzman   Friends FAW
Joseph F & Helene Bowes   Friends FAW
Margaret Bridgewater   Friends FAW
Ralph H Brown   Friends FAW
Eugene Byrnes   Friends FAW
Thomas Cavanaugh   Friends FAW
T V Chiomento   Friends FAW
Steve Daczkowski   Friends FAW
Rosine Hodges Downs   Friends FAW
Kathryn L Fairfield   Friends FAW
Jim & Linda Farrell   Friends FAW
John Fenwick   Friends FAW
Francis Ferguson   Friends FAW
Charles Fink   Friends FAW
Justin K Francis   Friends FAW
Terry & Tami Gaido   Friends FAW
Mary Anne Groat   Friends FAW
Carl P. & Chris Guy   Friends FAW
Joseph C Guy   Friends FAW
Myron  T. Loyd   Friends FAW
Rebecca MacDonald   Friends FAW
James A     Mattingly   Friends FAW
Mary O Mattingly   Friends FAW
Michael McGonigle   Friends FAW
James McWilliams   Friends FAW
Michael W Michalski   Friends FAW
Wayne Miedzinski   Friends FAW
Joseph C Ned   Friends FAW
Gerald Nueslen   Friends FAW
Karen O’Connor   Friends FAW
Michael Perraut   Friends FAW
Frank Phillips   Friends FAW
Stephen Ryan   Friends FAW
Gerald Swift   Friends FAW
Catherine Thompson   Friends FAW
Larry Trader Sr. Friends FAW
Anthony Trentacosta   Friends FAW
William & Nancy Watts   Friends FAW
Walter Wise   Friends FAW
Sara Fisher   Friends FAW
Michael & Karen Thompson   Friends FAW
James Hoffman   Friends FAW
James Neal   Friends FAW
John Payne Jr. Friends FAW
James & Frances Quade   Friends FAW
Mary Jane Scully   Friends FAW
Michael Svecz   Friends FAW
Dennis Atlas Sr. Friends FAW
Ronald Glockner   Friends FAW
John & Mary Pat Pope   Friends FAW
Philip Farrell   Friends FAW
Robert Stancil   Friends FAW
Kannarkat P Verghese   Friends FAW
Joseph E. & Anne Bell   Sisters of Charity
Peter Conrad   Sisters of Charity
Lawrence A.  Forte   Sisters of Charity
Peter & Mary Griffin   Sisters of Charity
Gordon Stellway   Sisters of Charity
Marion D Sterling   Sisters of Charity
Ann C Wathen   Sisters of Charity
Gary Blakely   Sisters of Charity
Jennifer O’Connor   Sisters of Charity
Paul & Denise Pietsch   Pastors Circle
Patrick Tennyson   Pastors Circle
Joseph Trentacosta   Pastors Circle
  Wachovia Foundation   Pastors Circle
Martin T. Wise   Pastors Circle
Jeff Taylor and Shannon Rowland     Crusaders Club