What grade levels does FAW serve?

FAW is a PreK-8 school with ten individual grade level classrooms. Our PreK and primary classrooms (K-2) have one aide per classroom, while our intermediate classrooms (3-5)  and middle school classrooms (6-8) share floating aides. In our Middle School (grades 6-8), students move from homeroom to academic courses and electives throughout the day.

How many students attend FAW?

While our capacity at FAW is 290, we typically have between 230 and 260 students enrolled.

What subjects are taught at FAW?

Our curriculum is based on standards set forth by the Archdiocese of Washington, D.C. Reading, writing, spelling, math, science, social studies, and religion are taught at all grade levels, PreK-8. We offer advanced math curricula in grades 4-8. We also have skills based grouping for reading in grades 2-5 and advanced literature curricula for grades 6-8. Students in all grade levels take PE once a week. In addition, students in grades PreK-5 take Library, Computer, Art, Music, Science Lab, and Spanish once a week. Our middle school students take Spanish and Science Lab as year-long courses, and then choose four, one-quarter electives offered in a variety of subjects.

How does FAW meet the academic needs of all students?

At FAW we recognize that all children grow and develop at different rates and learn in a variety of ways. Our goal is for students to become independent critical thinkers and lifelong learners. In order to meet that goal, we use various instructional strategies to meet students where they are while developing a positive self-concept. We have a full-time resource teacher who works with classroom teachers to meet the needs of individual students in both one-on-one and small group settings. If you would like to discuss your child’s specific academic needs with regards to our resource program, please contact us.

Do students at FAW take standardized tests?

Students in grades 2-8 do participate in the testing program of the Archdiocese of Washington, D.C., which is currently NWEA MAP Growth. Students will be tested in Reading and Math at the beginning of the year, in January, and in May. This testing program will be used to determine a baseline of skill levels at the beginning of the year and progress made by individual students at mid-year and at the end of the school year. Parents will receive all testing reports.

How is the Catholic Faith incorporated into school activities at FAW?

In addition to religious education and sacramental preparation in grades 2 and 8, we celebrate our faith through a daily Morning Prayer service and weekly Friday Mass. First Friday Masses are prepared by individual grade levels giving a personalized faith experience for our students. Catholic values are celebrated throughout the school year. Examples include an annual school-wide Faith Retreat at Camp Maria in October, school-wide service projects celebrating the Church’s liturgical seasons, and a monthly virtues program where each student is encouraged to emphasize a specific virtue both at school and at home.

What extra curricular activities are offered at FAW?

We offer a variety of extra curricular activities at FAW:

STEM (FIRST LEGO League, grades 6-8)

Student Council (grades 6-8)

National Junior Honor Society (selected students in grades 7 and 8)

Varsity and Junior Varsity Basketball (boys and girls grades 5-8)

Cheerleading (grades 5-8)

Volleyball (coed grades 6-8)

Band (grades 4-8)

Chorus (grades 4-8)

Destination Imagination (grade levels vary)

Bible Study (K-8)

How does FAW foster a sense of school community?

FAW is a school steeped in tradition. As the following examples highlight, we gather as a school community for a wide variety of events throughout the year:

Grandparents Day – September

School Retreat – October

Trunk or Treat – October

Leonardtown Veterans Day Parade – November

Santa’s Workshop (student gift shopping) – December

Christmas Program – December

Catholic Schools Week (a full week of student-centered activities) – January

Italian Dinner – February

Mission Drive – March/April

May Procession – May

Field Day – May/June

How are parents involved at FAW?

At FAW we have a very active network of parent volunteers who contribute to our school in many ways. We have parents volunteering everywhere from our classrooms to the kitchen, and in fundraising and school improvement efforts. We also have a parent-led Home and School Association that sponsors and hosts a variety of social and fundraising events throughout the school year. Click here to learn more about our HSA. 

What are school hours and where can I find the school calendar?

School hours are 8:00am – 2:35pm. Students may enter classrooms at 7:45am. Click here to see our school calendar. 

Does FAW have an extended-day program?

We offer an extended-day program to all FAW students before school from 6:30 – 7:45am (if enough students are interested) and after school beginning at our 2:35pm dismissal and ending at 5:30pm. Our program offers supervised recreation and study time as well as an afternoon snack in a nurturing and safe environment. Full-year or drop-in options are available. 

Is transportation to and from FAW available?

Free bus transportation to and from school is available within St. Mary’s County through its Non-Public School Transportation Division. For further information, please contact that office directly at (301)-863-8400 ext. 1124.

Do students at FAW wear uniforms?

Students do wear uniforms at FAW. Click here to see our uniform code, and here to see uniforms offered through Flynn O’Hara.

Does FAW offer a hot lunch program?

We offer both a daily hot lunch and milk program at FAW. All ordering is done online. Click here to see an example of our menu. 

What is the yearly tuition rate at FAW?

Click here to view our current Tuition Rates. 

Is tuition assistance available at FAW?

Tuition assistance is available through both the Archdiocese of Washington, D.C. (due date December 1st of the preceding school year) and our school (due date April 15th of the preceding school year). Please contact us directly with any further questions related to tuition assistance.

How can I arrange a visit to FAW?

We love visitors! Please contact the School Office directly at (301) 475-9795 to arrange a school tour. 

How do I apply to FAW?

The FAW application process begins by contacting the School Office at (301) 475-9795. We look forward to hearing from you!