Lunch Program

Lunch Program Information:


Orders are placed mostly on a monthly basis via orgsonline.  You will have two weeks to complete your order, and a reminder of the cut-off date will be sent.  You may pay online using an electronic check or credit card.  In order to keep the costs of lunch at $4.00, the transactions fees are paid by the customer.  Orders must be paid by the cut-off date, or they will not be accepted for that month.


If your children need to charge a lunch, they need to let their teacher know at the beginning of the day.  If they forget and charge when they come through the line, they must take a SunButter & Jelly sandwich, unless there is extra of the main item.  Charges are added to your orgsonline account and need to be paid with your next order.  If you do not have an orgsonline account, you will receive a paper charge slip.  Please return with payment.


Credits will be issued for the following:

  • Weather related school closings.
  • When field trips are not marked on the menu.
  • When your child is sick for 3 or more consecutive days in a week.

If there is a delayed opening, hot lunch will not be served, and credits will be issued.  ALL students will need to bring a packed lunch from home.  There are only two exceptions to this rule, which is if lunch is pizza or Chick-fil-A. 

For questions, please contact our Kitchen Manager, Mrs. Rutherford at

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