Our SCRIP Program is changing for the 2022-2023 school year!

Be sure to check back soon to learn more! 

Scrip is a simple and effective way to raise much needed funds for our school by purchasing the same gift certificates that you buy at the store. Many popular retailers participate in our scrip program including Walmart, Target, Wawa, JCPenney, Old Navy, Shell, Pizza Hut, Red Lobster, Giant, Sheetz and many, many others. There are over 700 participating retailers that you can order gift cards for.

You’re probably asking yourself how these retailers help us raise money. It’s simple. Scrip participating retailers agree to sell gift certificates to our organization at a discount. Families like yours buy the certificates for full face value, they redeem them for full face value, and our school keeps the difference as revenue.

The beauty of scrip is that you put your regular household shopping dollars to work. You earn money for our school without spending a single additional penny. Just spend your regular shopping dollars with scrip at the stores that participate in the scrip program! And scrip can be used for just about any household purchase including food, clothing, entertainment, gasoline and even dining out.

There are several ways to purchase scrip. Physical gift cards will be available during the Christmas season only; however, you can order online anytime. Ordering online is easy. Go to to register a new account. Go to the Family Sign Up box on the left side and click “create account”. Follow the registration instructions and accept the terms and conditions. To place an order, you’ll need Father Andrew White’s Enrollment Code which can be given to you from e-mailing

Some SCRIP orders placed on line and paid for using PrestoPay, can be printed at home or sent as eGifts. Just look for the “scrip now!” link on the online shopping page to see retailers who offer them.

The funds we can raise through scrip are unlimited. With the price of gas, groceries and cost of living in general, it’s nice to know that a portion of what you’re spending is going to help educate our youth but is not costing you anything extra!

Thanks for your support!