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Below are some of our most commonly used staff websites as well as additional resources to help during the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 Resources for Teachers: E-Learning Virtual Platforms & Tutorials

Google Teach from Home Hub

This contains information on many of our Google for Education Apps that are available for our use.

Google Classroom Help Videos

Watch videos on how to use Google Classroom

Google Classroom Cheat Sheet

Google Classroom Cheat Sheet with 16 Tips

Google Classroom + Google Meet

Integrating Google Classroom & Google Meet

Google Meet Tip

Google Meet Tip Video

Google Meet – Beginners

Google Meet for Beginners

Google Meet Video

Google Meet Video Tutorial

Google Meet Tutorial

Google Meet Written Tutorial

Google Meet Cheat Sheet

Google Meet Cheat Sheet

Setup Zoom Account Website

Setup your own FREE Zoom Videoconferencing Account Today

Zoom Setup Help Video

How to set up Zoom Videoconferences

Zoom Videoconference

Host or Join Zoom Videoconferences

Setup Screencastify Account Website

Setup your own FREE Screencastify Account Today – use code: CAST_COVID in the “redeem coupon” area to get one year of unlimited totally free ($49 waived)

Screencastify Help Video

Screencastify Web Conference Video Tutorial

Screencastify E-Learning Website

Screencastify E-Learning Resources



Seesaw Setup Help Video

How to set up Seesaw

Seesaw Tutorial

Class Setup Typed Tutorial


Geared towards PK – Grade 2

Pear Deck Signup

Sign up for Pear Deck

Pear Deck

Interact with Students via Pear Deck

COVID-19 Resources for Teachers: E-Learning Resources

NYC Teaching Matters Week of Plans

FANTASTIC Resource by Grade, by Day for a Week – Can COPY and CUSTOMIZE slides for your class!

Educational Opportunities from Home List

Huge List by Categorized Tabs

MKE with Kids Resource & Activity List

Resources Listed by Category

Amazing Educational Resources Website

Tons of Websites in ABC Order – Working on a Searchable Webpage Soon

Curriculum Associates Printable Packets

Visit CurriculumAssociates.com/AtHome for printable activity packs and guidance for you and your students’ families to support learning at home. For teachers, Curriculum Associates online Teacher Toolbox is a great resource for additional lesson plans and PowerPoint slides. To activate your free pilot of the Teacher Toolbox: Visit Teacher-Toolbox.com to register. Log back in and click the View or Add License Code button at your sign in screen. Then add this code: TryTBX2020

ADW Lesson Plans Bank

Find and Submit your ADW Lesson Plans

Sadlier Textbooks

Log in to Sadlier Textbooks – User Name: SadlierStudent Password: ReadyToLearn!


Find children’s e-books to recommend – use class code: guq9974

Brain Pop

Find BrainPop videos to recommend – FAWbrainpop, FAWbrainpop2020

More resources coming soon!!

Commonly Used Staff Websites

TeacherPlus Gradebook

Attendance & Grading


Lesson Plans


Monitoring Students on Chromebooks


Create Safer YouTube Links

Lunch Count

Student Lunch Orders

Accelerated Reader (AR)

Reading Comprehension Quizzes/ STAR Test

Scantron Testing

Performance & Achievement Series Standardized Testing


FAW Library Catalog

ADW Curriculum

K-8 Curriculum & Standards


ADW Staff Portal


Lesson Observations

FAW Email

FAW Email Login

Google Drive

Access Google Drive Documents

Google Docs

Access Google Documents

Google Sheets

Access Google Spreadsheets

Google Slides

Access Google Presentations

Google Classroom

Run a Digital Classroom

Virtues in Practice

Our Virtues Program


Rediker (Admin) Software


Vocabulary Practice for grades 6-8 $

More links coming soon!!