Follow these steps to become a volunteer at FAW!

If you are a Service Scholarship family (reduced tuition in exchange for volunteering) or just want to volunteer your time with our children, there are a few required steps before volunteering at the school.  Completing these steps will show you are in compliance with the Archdiocese of Washington Child Protection Policy

Step #1: Complete the ADW Volunteer Application

Complete the ADW Volunteer Application and return it to Father Andrew White School. Bring two forms of identification (one being a photo ID).

Step #2: Take the Virtus Program Class

Take the Virtus Program Class

Go HERE to find an upcoming videoconference session (Protecting God’s Children for Adults) to attend virtually.   Be sure to select, “Washington, DC (Archdiocese)” when prompted.  You will need to create an account to complete this process.

As part of this class you will be given a booklet. Read the Child Protection Policy Booklet and return (to FAW School) the completed page #56 Acknowledgment Form.

Note: Within 60 days of taking this class, be sure to get your fingerprints taken (see step below).

Step #3: Get your fingerprints taken.

Complete the top portion on this Fingerprinting Application and take it with you to the Fingerprinting Facility. Use this MD Fingerprinting Facilities to find a location. Use this link to book an appointment locally. (Bring two forms of identification with you. A fee is associated with getting fingerprints, so be prepared to make a payment so they can submit and process your prints.) Provide FAW School a copy of your results.

Double check to make sure you have completed all the steps by viewing the ADW Volunteer Compliance Checklist.

Click HERE to view general FAW volunteer information/requirements.