We’re having a book drive!


We are holding a book drive for Books for America, a nonprofit organization based in Washington, DC. Their mission is to promote literacy, life-long learning, and understanding by distributing donated new and used books of all types; movies; music and instructional compact discs; audiobooks and more to organizations serving disadvantaged communities and individuals.

Each year they donate tens of thousands of books and other items to disadvantaged schools, adult and youth literacy programs, youth centers, transitional homeless shelters, hospitals, assisted living communities for seniors, women’s shelters, hospices, and more!


Thank you in advance for your support!




They need: (All books must be in excellent to almost new condition)
Children’s books URGENTLY needed!
Hardcover and softcover books of all types. This includes recent fiction novels; self-help; biography; art; photo; how-to’s; history; philosophy; political science; natural sciences; gardening, cookbooks; religion, coffee table books, etc.
Textbooks – from the last 1-2 years only
Movies – DVD and classic VHS (before 1980)
CD’s – music, instructional, etc.
Audiobooks on CD or cassette
Collectible items – rare and antique books, signed items, collectibles (items other than books – political memorabilia, figurines, stamps, etc.).  Books for America auctions these items to fund their programs.  You receive a tax deduction for the full final selling value.

They do not need…
Damaged, brittle, musty or yellowed (even slightly yellowed) books
Reader’s Digest Condensed Books
Reference materials published more than a few years ago (1996 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records, encyclopedias)
Computer books or policy books published before 2008
Textbooks published before 2008
Travel guides published before 2007