It is time for a classroom contest to see which class can collect the most Box Tops per student.  The winning class will be determined by the average number of Box Tops per student to make it fair to the smaller classes.  The contest will run from February 15th through February 22nd.   The contest will be for a week only.   Please remember to ask your friends, family and co-workers to save Box Tops as well.  Please be sure to label any Box Tops sent in with your child’s name and grade so they may be credited to their classroom.

The teacher(s) and students of the winning classroom will each get a bag of goodies.   Mrs. Maloney has also given permission for the winning class to have a tag day (the date will be determined in the future).   Please remember to log onto the Box Tops website ( on a regular basis as they have monthly sweepstakes that give our school a chance at bonus Box Tops.

Good luck to everyone and thanks for your support of the Box Tops Program.

Becky Edwards