FAW Temporary Quarantine Distance Learning

If your child has to be a temporary quarantined distance learner, you may find some helpful information on this page.

🔔 Temporary Quarantine Distance Learning Steps to Take 🔔

Follow the steps below if your child has to become a temporary quarantine distance learner.

☑️ Contact the Office, Principal Szoch, Nurse Rose, and all of your child’s Teachers (including Specials Teachers). For special assistance, please contact our COVID Liaison, Mrs. Richardson

☑️ Gather all FAW login information. 

        • FAW Google Account
          • used to log in to Google Meet for videoconferencing (when applicable)
          • used to log in to Seesaw (grades PK – 2)
          • used to log in to Google Classroom (grades 3-8)
          • used to sign in to Clever SSO
        • Clever
          • used as a Single Sign On (SSO) for all online textbooks and other FAW accounts (mostly for grades 4-8)

☑️ Find the posted Distance Learner Schedule (with meeting codes) to note daily login times (for whole class quarantine only).  

        • Distance Learner Schedules are posted within Google Classroom (grades 3-8) or shared individually by PK – 2 teachers.

 ☑️ Help your child log in to the designated platform (Seesaw, Google Classroom, Google Meet, etc.). 

Links & How-To Tutorial Sheets

Click on the links below to access some login tips and then click on the icons to login.

How to Log in to FAW Google Account

How to Log in to Clever


Who should I contact?
Contact FAW Staff!
We are happy to help! If you have questions, please contact your child’s teacher. Find his/her email address on the staff page.
FAW Staff Page
Need account access help?
Get account access help!
For technology questions related to student account access, please contact Mrs. Greer.
Email Mrs. Greer

Helpful Video Tutorials & Resources

Click on the icons below to access additional tutorials/help videos.