FAW Safe Reopening Information

FAW Back to School Message

We appreciate your patience, understanding, and support while we adjust to going back to school during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease) pandemic. Please check back here often for updates and to view our safe reopening plan.

Safe Reopening Messages

Below are links to various updates regarding our response to the COVID-19 pandemic and our safe return to school.

πŸ”” Update from Principal: 10-18-2020

πŸ”” Update from Archdiocese of Washington: 9-18-2020

πŸ”” Updated Drop Off Information: 9-13-2020

πŸ”” Distance Learning Tuesday and Wednesday Information: 8-22-2020

πŸ”” Back to School Virtual Meeting Information: 8-22-2020

πŸ”” Important Forms from the Office: 8-21-2020

πŸ”” Arrival and Dismissal Update from Principal: 8-20-2020

πŸ”” Important Information for our FAW Distance Learners: 8-19-2020

πŸ”” Communications from ADW and DPW&T: 8-19-2020

πŸ”” Back to School Visit Reminder from Principal: 8-18-2020

πŸ”” Hot Lunch Information from Cafeteria Coordinator: 8-16-2020

πŸ”” Back to School Information from Principal: 8-15-2020

πŸ”” School Supply Update: 8-11-2020

πŸ”” Update from Principal: 8-9-2020

πŸ”” Update from Principal: 8-7-2020

πŸ”” Update from Principal: 8-6-2020

πŸ”” Update from Principal: 8-4-2020

πŸ”” Update from Principal: 7-31-2020

πŸ”” Update from Archdiocese of Washington & Principal: 7-17-2020

πŸ”” Update from Archdiocese of Washington: 6-26-2020


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Please note: Our Father Andrew White School building will be reopened under strict guidelines.